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"I have really enjoyed using Nudge as a way to track positive behaviors without emphasizing calorie counts or having to look up specific foods ... I like the ability to check in with them whenever I choose and instantly see their progress."

- Megan Lyons, CHHC


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“ ... I love the way the Nudge App gives me a snapshot into daily client activity.  I find that client tracking promotes a feeling of progress.  It incentivizes better behaviors and helps me tailor my advice. ”

-  Kelly Lindamood, IIN Graduate


Like having your own client relationship management assistant ...

Coaching Relationship Management Assistant

... organizing all of your clients, all of their health data, and all of your communications with them in one place.

... reminding you each time a client needs your attention, so you never miss an opportunity for a valuable touchpoint.



Say Goodbye to Missed Opportunities

Countless hours are spent combing through messy email threads making it too easy for your messages to go unread. Our Nudge App is the solution for your clients.

Your messages go straight to a simple, secure app on your client's smart phone (and it's free for your clients on iOS + Android).

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We Bring It All Together Just For You

Client recall is frustrating and inaccurate. The Nudge app integrates with over 80 apps and wearables to help you leverage virtually any fitness tracking or journaling tool that's available to your clients.

They can even manually track items recommended by you creating a tailored approach for each individual.

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No More Guessing Who To Reach Out To

Nudge Coach can help you stay on top of who to reach out to and when, making sure no one slips through the cracks.

Whether it's forgetting to send a weekly message or identifying when a particular client is drinking too much caffeine, Nudge Coach will help you see who needs your attention most.

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